30 Walmart Products That’ll Bring A New Vibe To Your Bathroom Without Fully Renovating It

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1. A bamboo soap dispenser and toothpaste holder set to give that truly modern chic, classic, and expensive feel at a non-expensive price. Widespread Bath Faucet

30 Walmart Products That’ll Bring A New Vibe To Your Bathroom Without Fully Renovating It

2. A sleek wall mirror aka a great modern accent piece with additional shelf space so you can easily access your sunblock, toothpaste, or makeup products in front of your reflection (talk about multitasking when you're in a rush).

3. A set of bath sheets to give your bathroom that sweet spot between 'adult' and 'minimalist' style that it deserves.

4. A bamboo over-the-toilet storage unit that'll bring all the rustic/homey vibes to your space while you brush your teeth and apply your skincare routine. Nothing says "I've made it" like a peaceful home bathroom setup.

5. A woven open-basket to store your towels, magazines, laundry, or anything else you can think of. Instead of cramming bathroom essentials in a cabinet, use one of these chic vessels for everything that needs a lil' home.

6. A corner multi-shelf shower caddy that'll keep everything organized for your shampoos, soap, loofas, and spa-like products because you've earned it.

7. A white-wooden storage drawer set to keep everything put away and organized. Not to mention, you can also use the top of the drawers as a vanity or additional storage!

8. A schmancy shower enclosure that will truly make you feel like you're in a spa. Turn on that hot water, steam up the enclosure, and feel all your stress melt away — you'll most likely be overly excited to take a shower every day.

9. A gold waterfall faucet's only what I've dreamt for my dream bathroom since I was born!? Nothing says modern chic-ness like accent pieces with a waterfall effect, am I right?

10. And a set of three overhead bath lights to match your new gold faucet! Kick the old-school lighting to the curb and upgrade your bathroom in STYLE.

11. A medicine cabinet with a mirrored door because a bathroom is not complete without one of these babies. It can be easily assembled and placed either above your sink or on another wall.

12. A bidet — this attachment will be the luxurious addition to your bathroom that you've been waiting for. Clean bottom, less toilet paper use/waste, and honestly we know you've been dying to try it out, and now you can have it in the comfort of your own home and not just when you visit some fancy hotel.

13. A plunger and toilet brush set cause ummmm DUH. These must-have bathroom tools now have a sleek and simple cover to help maintain the clean ambiance and keep your thoughts away from the ~ew~ plunger use that happens every once and a while.

14. Easy-to-use peel-and-stick wall tiles to give your maybe outdated bathroom the enhancement it needs. Never underestimate what a quick DIY project can do for your overall happiness and peace when it comes to your bathroom, trust, it'll make ALL the difference.

15. An adorable under-the-sink vanity cabinet with two doors. You never think about how much storage you actually need in the bathroom, but this cabinet is PERFECT to store all the cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, and all else that we know you will NEED in every bathroom. No matter what, you'll be prepared with everything in one place.

16. A waterfall showerhead set to make you feel like you're in a music video for a shampoo commercial.

17. A brand-new toilet that's WORTH the investment when you're tired of having to hear all these weird sounds coming from your old toilet or dealing with the flusher handle getting stuck randomly. You deserve the latest and greatest (and so does your booty).

18. A set of glass shower doors to make you feel like you're stepping into one of those modern mansion bathrooms you see on Architectural Digest — I see it as one step closer to that level if you ask me.

19. A set of textured wall panel that'll bring more POP to your bathroom walls. Plain eggshell white just ain't cutting it anymore, time to get creative!

20. A bathtub bubble bath machine because adulting is hard. Nuff said. Your self-care time is about to level up — no fancy jet tub needed!

21. A gorgeous freestanding bathtub — picture this: you walk into your huge bathroom after a long day of work, see this tub standing alone towards the back of the room filled with your favorite scented bubble-bath mix, your favorite book sitting next to bring it to life and invest in this beauty.

22. A new toilet seat to replace the old one that came with renting your apartment. Let's face it, you deserve a REAL throne when it comes to doing the basic human deed.

23. A set of magnetic marble soap dishes that allow the soap water to drain, therefore not wasting product when it's not in use. I don't know why I didn't already have this?!

24. A three-rack towel holder perfectly designed to dry your towels separately and at an angle — it'll add a ~fancy~ touch to your entire bathroom.

25. A water filter for your shower that will help soften your hair and skin, and reduce how many products you already use to get that perfect texture. Pop one of these in and see the results for yourself!

26. A stunning gold-tone showerhead, faucet, and knob set to remind you that self-cleaning should also be a luxurious experience. You're royalty, and you will bathe as such.

27. A large light-up mirror so you don't have to deal with all that harsh overhead lighting when you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Plus, it will help give you a clear look at your skin/face when you're applying makeup or just getting ready in the morning.

28. A no-touch waste basket because high-tech trash cans just make sense y'know. It's also compact and sleek, but can still hold a good amount of stuff.

29. A shower curtain and liner set so you don't have to think about getting two separate items. Change it up with different styles depending on the vibe you're going for and you're set!

30. A pair of uber-soft bath mats because nothing feels better than stepping out of the shower and NOT feeling the cold tile, but instead feeling the warm, welcoming cushion of an absorbent and plush bath mat — not to mention also in a GREAT color.

30 Walmart Products That’ll Bring A New Vibe To Your Bathroom Without Fully Renovating It

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